About Bad Pony™

Bad Pony
Bad Pony™ Clothing & Accessories was founded in 2009, and has been providing quality clothing & accessories that poke fun of naughty equine behaviors to the public ever since. Located in Rhode Island, we share the passion of every equestrian enthusiast. We travel to shows with our pop up boutique all along the Northeast.

Our Mission Statement:

When we say “Bad Pony” we say it with love! Bad Pony™ is a new line of clothing that celebrates the ingenuity, the creativity, and yes, the occasional naughtiness of some of our pony friends. Ponies are smart and make great teachers. They teach their riders patience, persistence, responsibility, how to win and also how to lose. We have all had a special pony over the years who has taught us valuable lessons with a bit of extra flair. The pony who won’t jump the roll top if you don’t use enough leg, the pony you can’t catch in the field if you are in a hurry and forget to bring a carrot, the naughty one who occasionally bucks you off if you aren’t paying attention. Whatever the lesson might be, these ponies have always held a special place in our hearts and have made better riders of us all. The Bad Pony™ line celebrates these special ponies.

Visit us at www.badponyclothing.com and browse all our adorable clothing & accessories for children and adults!

Bad Pony™ currently sponsors four youth riders to celebrate and spread the word about Bad Pony™. Our 2013 Sponsored Riders are Summer Hill, Samantha Hill, Sophia Robinson, and Kelly Baugmart!


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