Bad Pony receives the call!

Good Morning,

We are so excited to let our fans know that we will be joining the Horse & Hound Tents at Fitch’s Corner in Millbrook, New York this weekend! A spot opened up and we got the call yesterday to be a part of the show and sell our Bad Pony merchandise in the popular marketplace. We have successfully obtained a hotel room last minute, and although we are bummed to miss Friday’s festivities we are excited to be on site for Saturday and Sunday. The show looks like a lot of fun and elegance and we are so excited to be a part of it. Come out and join us this weekend in Millbrook, NY!

Here is a little information about the Fitch’s Corner:


The horse competition is the core activity of the weekend and, for the third year in a row, will be the site of the United States Eventing Association Area 1 Northeast regional championships.
This year, not only are they celebrating their 20th Anniversary but they are offering $20,000 in prize money to the approximately 350 competitors participating in the event at all levels in the three disciplines that define eventing — dressage, cross country and stadium jumping.

Follow this cool link to learn the 20 reasons not to miss this show! (because Bad Pony was a last minute vendor, we may not be listed on the marketplace roster just yet!)


Our Bad Pony Model Tori, Wins Big at Plymouth Rock Classic!

IMG_7308An exceptional little rider & Bad Pony model Tori, won a reins length of ribbons last weekend at the Plymouth Rock Classic “AA” Show. Our Bad Pony boutique was at the show and we were thrilled to get this awesome shot of Tori and her pony, Grayson! We were so proud of Tori who showed in the competitive short stirrup division and placed in every class. There was a lot of competition at this show and she was determined to ride her best! It was especially funny when she was schooling and her trainer told her to ride straight after a jump towards her poster! Congratulations Tori & Grayson on a job well done.


Day #1 Bad Pony at Fieldstone Show Park!

Day 1

We had an awesome day in Halifax, MA! We met a lot of great people and had the chance to watch adorable ponies and their little riders all day. Our tent is positioned right outside the pony ring! Just our luck! Thank you to all who came by and purchased Bad Pony™ gear. We loved your comments and good humor! Here are some pictures I took from the show day. Lots of smiles and ears forward for pictures. We only witnessed a few “bad pony” moments and we hope all the riders overcame their obstacles with understanding and valuable lessons learned. Best of luck tomorrow to all the competitors!


Bad Pony attending Plymouth Rock Festival, Halifax, MA

The trucks are packed and we are ready to showcase our Bad Pony™ awesomeness to the competitors and spectators at the Plymouth Rock Classic at Fieldstone Show Park.  We are looking forward to our 5:20AM wake up call tomorrow to travel and set up our NEW LOOK Bad Pony™ boutique!  It will be very PINK! Hoping to not spook any ponies! We will be featured an the show grounds from Thursday June 20th through June 23rd! We have some incredible NEW products available and can’t wait to experience the consumer responses. I will also have my camera ready to hopefully capture some bad pony moments at the show for future Bad Pony™ inspiration. (Not that we wish anyone any bad pony experiences, but just in case…) We will post some photos and blog about our Day 1, after tomorrow. Right now I am looking forward to getting a good night sleep and spending the day with Bad Pony™ tomorrow!  Hope to see you there!

Bad Pony™ Packed Up

Kristen -Bad Pony™

HATS HATS HATS! Check out our new arrivals!

New Hats have arrived!Bad Pony™ has expanded their popular sports hat collection with these two fun Summer looks. Shield and protect your face while spending long days at the barn. Bad Pony™ Grazing Sport Hat and Bad Pony™ Bucking Sport Hat are now available at for just $22.99. Our beloved Bad Pony™ Grazing design is our most popular kid’s choice. They will go crazy for this hat featuring our Bad Pony!  Inspired by true events, this design features a bad pony grazing when he is not suppose to. Has this happened to you? Poke fun at this naughty behavior while learning a lesson about how to control your pony.  These adorable hats have an adjustable fit and are excellent for kids & adults. Cover that unruly helmet hair after a ride with our stylish new hats available in three colors! Order yours Today, only while supplies last.

-Bad Pony™


Bad Pony™ Hikes Mt. Willard for Photoshoot

Bad Pony™ Good Rider Intimates

This past week we took an incredible opportunity for a Bad Pony™ photo-shoot on my personal camping trip vacation. One of my good friends graciously accepted to be my model in a tasteful, athletic shoot for our one of a kind, Bad Pony Bootie Shorts! (Kudos to her!) These shots were taken a top Mt. Willard at 2,815-ft. We had a great time and the product looks amazing with such a picturesque setting. I am really impressed with the team for making this happen! Especially after a rigorous hike to location. What do our fans think? We have these fun Bad Pony™ Bootie shorts on our website for just $9 each or get a variety set of 3 for just $24! Click on the pics here and order your pair today!

Bad Pony™ Intimates

I would definitely recommend this hike to anyone visiting the White Mountains area!

Bad Pony™ Photo Shoot TeamWhat You’ll See: The hike up this 2,815-foot spur of the Willey Range is fairly steep and closed in by trees. The end of this hike, though, rewards with stunning panoramic views of Crawford Notch.

Facts about Mt. Willard, Crawford Notch, New Hampshire 

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Distance: 3.2-miles round-trip
  • Elevation change: 900-foot elevation gain
  • Estimated time: 3–4 hours

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Bad Pony™ attends production of War Horse

War Horse

War Horse is a extraordinary production by the National Theatre of Great Britain. I had the pleasure of attending the play not to far from our home in Rhode Island. The show is based on the novel by Michael Morpurgo and was directed by Bijan Sheilbani. Many of our readers may be familiar with the story line because of Steven Spielberg’s exceptional movie adaptation. (Which I immensely enjoyed.) I attended the show, three nights ago with some of Bad Pony™’s #1 fans! I want to recommend the show to anyone who has ever been involved with horses. The creative genius that went into designing the horses as life sized puppets that moved, sounded, and flexed as real as any horse, left me in awe. The puppet-tiers were visible but easily forgotten as the show went on. The acting was good, but if I am to be honest, I don’t remember one word from the main character’s dialogue. I must side with Steven Spielberg’s portrayal of this story as a drama. The play tries to joke too much for such a serious story during a serious time in history. My focus alone stayed on the life sized puppet horses, from their fluidity of motion at the trot to the flicking of ears and tails, the not real became easily as real as my own horse I visit in the barn each day. The play took the time to research the soul of the horse and a horse’s “cause and effect mentality” to specific movements and sounds. The heavy breathing and snorts when danger is near, the tension and nerves from raised voices, the curiosity from things unknown, each movement from these life sized puppets was authentic. Something any horsemen would recognize and give kudos to how amazing the puppet designer’s results really are. Am I rambling…? I just want to share the extraordinary emotion that results in creative genius! Makes me wonder how much it would cost to board three puppet-tiers and an iron mesh mold of a horse?

If you have a chance to catch the show, I would recommend it to anyone (over the age of 13). I would also recommend the movie. The story is just too good for any horse enthusiast to miss.

Kristen – Bad Pony™

Kristen at WarHorse